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                                                                         A quick Introduction

Hello, I am Ayoo (Ayoowmoney) I have been just started playing on this server now and so far I am really enjoying my self. This is clearly the best fun I have experienced on mine craft so far. I hope to meet as many players as possible. some of you may have already seen me around. Feel free to ask any questions you have got for me. Something I love about this server is because things get done. I have reported serveral things to staff and they have delt with the  issue accordingly to make sure the server is a great environment for all aged gamer's! So far it has been a great laugh. Keep up the good work! 

                                                                             more about me!

I am on a load, and the good thing is if you have any problems. I am a nice easy person to approach. I don't get annoyed as its just a game. Feel down? Come and speak to me (That is if you would like)  As mentioned above I am really enjoying this server. I hope to see a huge success. I believe that as a group, a team, a community... We can jump to the top! 

Welcome to the server, hope you have fun!
Welcome to the server hope to run into you in the near future. Smile
"If you want something you've never had, Then you've got to do something you've never done"

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